Digital Adoption challenge

The Digital Adoption Challenge

Take a quick look around.  How many digital platforms do you use in your business today?  Checking your website, logging into email and CRM, referring to an internal knowledge base, seeing what colleagues are saying on Slack, requesting time off on an HR platform – keeping track of each system and utilising it to its full potential, can be confusing.  How do you think your customers cope?

With so many platforms in the workplace, finding a way to help get the users up to speed, with these new systems, is becoming critical to digital success. So, when your customer talks about their next big digital transformation project, spare a thought for the User.

Are we up for the Challenge?

The digital adoption challenge will touch every transformation project in some way or another.  Research has shown that, over time, we are generally becoming more comfortable with technology.  However, we aren’t necessarily becoming better at using software and certainly aren’t keeping pace with the changing digital landscape.

New applications are often highly specialised. With less all-in-one platforms, workers must learn to navigate systems, often to complete a simple task.  The sheer number of platforms needed through an average day is a huge barrier to technology adoption, and without the appropriate strategy, can lead to a loss of productivity - or users giving up on applications altogether!

What can you do to help?

When true technology adoption is achieved, the life of the user is improved, and the organisation will see improved productivity and ROI from the project.  Learning, rather than technology, is at the heart of the solution...along with ongoing support and services.  Ultimately, it all starts with spotting the opportunity and getting your customer to think about the outcomes of their project, way before the solution is in place. 

According to a recent blog post from online education provider DefactoED, learning provides two different but mutually supportive routes to achieving culture change. On the one hand it provides knowledge and understanding about the actions required to achieve the outcomes being sought; What works, what doesn’t work, how other organisations have approached this and how they fared. This is of course is invaluable information and insight for those shaping and seeking to deliver the change required. But more importantly, the very act of embarking on a corporate learning programme forces your customers to acknowledge that things have to change.

Marathon have created a Digital Adoption slide deck, with some of the key discussion points, for you to use at your next customer meeting.  Feel free to use the contents or contact us and we’ll help you build a presentation specific to your customer, or vertical market.

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