Is DPR a winner?

Is GDPR winning? The results are in...

Good or bad, like it or loathe it, the GDPR had its first Anniversary this month.  Did it work? 

I’ve been asked this question a few times so decided to do some further research, as to the real impact, on the size and scale of data breaches since the new regulations came into force.  This week, we’re looking at the results from the 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey for answers, and what it might mean for the UK channel.

Attacks on Large companies are down!

The big news for 2019 is that 61% of large firms have identified breaches or attacks and this is 11% lower than in 2018, (when it was 72%).  Nearly all, (95%), of large businesses say cyber security is a high priority, with the boards in these businesses taking positive actions to protect themselves.  Confidence is also high, as the vast majority, (83%), believe the staff dealing with cyber security, have the necessary skills and knowledge. 

Great… so we can all relax! 

Not just yet… The report highlights that Cyber attacks still cause problems for both medium and large businesses.  More, for example, needs to be done to increase the provision of relevant cyber security training; a real growth sector for Marathon, as the channel responds to customer demand for specific and tailored courses. Look out for more on this in the coming weeks. 

If you want to use the report as a conversation starter, many customers could also review their risk management approaches. Only 23% of medium firms and 40% of large firms have taken action towards all of the Government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security.

Is GDPR a solution for small businesses?

Just over 1,000 small companies were also surveyed and again, the number of breaches are down on last year to 31%, from 42% in 2018.  However, the data behind the headlines continues to be cause for concern, and a clear opportunity for resellers to sell solutions and services, across this sector.   

Let’s do nothing! 

Among the 31% identifying a breach or attack, tactics included extra staff training, or a change of firewall and AV software.  Worryingly though, 29% of those surveyed did nothing! Leading us to conclude that either the attack had no visible impact on their business, or the cost of improvements out-weighed the prospect of it happening again – maybe??

Who wins?

It might be too early to tell if GDPR is really winning the war on cyber security.  The numbers indicate a greater awareness, more investment and a better understanding of the issues faced from board members. It might have been over-hyped; it might not have the teeth that people expected it to have- but it seems to have got people talking about cyber security with more urgency and resellers more involved in those discussions. 

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