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What SME’s should [and shouldn’t] do after a Breach?

It’s a good question.  Take a quick look behind every data leak and security breach in the news. You will find literally thousands of affected and confused SME customers or suppliers, franticly trying to work out what it means for them and what actions they should take, to protect their business. 

On the back of growing demand for our Breach Management Service, we’re taking a closer look at the practical steps that small to medium sized customers should focus on, in the event of a data leak or breach….that includes IT resellers, who really need to be ahead of the curve!

That’s not my Breach!

Does it matter who is responsible?  Ultimately, your organisation is responsible for its own security.  If your data is leaked from a third party, you can’t rely on them to protect you or compensate for your loss.  Many companies don’t have a budget that allows for reactive measures and fail to invest in proactive solutions, that could help to prevent these issues in the first place.

The bottom line is that with a vast proportion of companies neglecting cybersecurity, the scale of the problem continues to grow and the first step for any organisation, is to take responsibility.   

Do you know where you are?

Getting a feel for your cyber security readiness can seem like a massive undertaking but, in our experience, often starts with asking some key questions.  Who’s in charge of Security? Do we have a strategy?  What are our weak spots?  What do we need to protect? Start to build a picture of what you have today and if it’s not been updated for a while – you’ll know where to start, as the threat landscape changes on a daily basis.

Plan for when, not if…

We all know by now that data leaks and security breaches are a way of life.  What we don’t always do is create a plan for dealing with them when they happen. A breach management plan is the documented process, that you and your suppliers will follow, if a breach occurs. It includes containment and recovery; assessment of ongoing risk; the notification of breach process; and approach to risk evaluation and response.

Read more about the Marathon service for Breach Management here or talk to your Marathon account manager to book a service review meeting.  Alternatively, look out for our breach management e-book which explores each of the 4 steps needed to create your perfect Breach Management plan.

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