Helping Charities with IT security gap

Bridging the Charity Sector Security Gap

How do we protect our charity customers from fraud and cyber crime?  Like any other sector, charities are not immune to criminal abuse from fraudsters. Fraud poses a serious risk to valuable funds and sensitive data. It can damage the good reputation of charities, affecting public trust and confidence in the sector as a whole.

Are Charities paying the price for weak Security?

According to the recent National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) survey, 22% of UK charities experienced a breach during 2019.  More worryingly, the average cost for charities that lost data or assets following a breach, was more than double that of their private sector counterparts!  Charities have needed to work harder in recent years to maintain income. Therefore, they are becoming increasingly open to a pro-active approach from resellers able to bridge the gap between effective security and the financial risk of data loss.  

Can you help?  Here are some discussion points to get things underway…

1. Are you protecting against the main threats?

Phishing emails represent 81% of the cyber attacks for this type of business. Training employees to recognise and report malicious emails is an ongoing journey.  It requires regular testing and new techniques to simulate the latest attack tactics. You could start by asking how effective the anti-phishing strategy has been to date and suggest alternative approaches.  Did you know that Marathon have a Phishing Mitigation Managed Service?   

2.  Do you have a Breach Management plan?

And is it up to date?   The latest guidance from the NCSC has some useful pointers if your customer is experiencing a live attack, but we would suggest that time and effort is put in well before that point.  We’ve recently covered the benefits of a Breach Management plan, so please do check it out, or give us a call for more information on this service from Marathon.  

3. Can you find an innovative solution?

We’ve seen a host of new solutions enter the market that could help Charity customers look at Security in a new light.  Data classification software from Boldon James ( helps the user to think about attaching a security value to the information they share and receive.  Or maybe an Encryption solution such as Virtru ( would help to ensure that sensitive data isn’t shared without the necessary protection?

Don’t forget. Marathon have a full range of services and skills to support you in building a Security proposition for your customer.  Why not book a free pre-sales meeting to discuss how we can help?

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