Is Cloud enabling IT Security?

Is Cloud enabling the next generation of IT Security?

Is the Cloud enabling the next generation of security for your customers? Marathon looks at the benefits of Security in the Cloud and if it will start to tick boxes for CISO’s looking for the next big thing.

We’ve seen it for some time now – the network perimeter has gone!  Cyber criminals are exploiting the trend toward employees going direct to the Internet, using public Wi-Fi networks to access cloud and mobile apps or to send and receive email. The cloud has gained customer momentum and shows no sign of stopping.  

With 315 million Europeans using the Internet every day, according the European Commission, traditional on-premises enterprise hardware and software has been forced to concede ground to cloud computing’s economies of scale, superior function and ultimate convenience. 

Are these benefits and economies beginning to drive a similar transformation in Security?  On-premise security solutions require customers to make purchases based on anticipated demand, whereas cloud-based security allows enterprises to scale services up and down based on their actual consumption. Which option would you prefer?

But… is it Transformational?

Customers want the changes they make to their IT to be transformational. What makes a project worthy of this title will depend on the people involved.  However, by positioning Cloud-based Security in the same way as other proven solutions, such as Office365 or Salesforce, we can demonstrate that Cloud-secured organisations are more agile, innovative and successful at lowering costs.  It also makes it easier to track and manage, in a business environment where security is a board-level concern. 

If it starts to tick these boxes, then you are well on the way to receiving your first Cloud Security purchase order! 

New! Focus on business outcomes 

Saying that, XaaS or everything as a Service is also forcing customers to measure their business using new metrics.  We’re no longer concerned with how many users or customers are using the service, or the cost saving involved; we want to know where to best deploy skills, time or resources which connect the investment to business results – as quickly as possible.  If you’re interested in further reading on this, we’d recommend Project to Product by Mik Kersten.

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