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Summer is a busy time for the team at Marathon, with lots of customers looking for additional services skills to plug a gap, or ensure a project meets deadline.  Some might say that it’s too late to identify new revenue for this quarter but it’s often a case of knowing what to look for, along with the right questions to ask.  

When surveying a group of IT leaders, our friends at the TSIA reported capacity planning as being one of their top five business problems to solve, and something most have been struggling with for many years.  As teams move to new, service consumption models, the problem seems to be getting worse, as a lack of longer-term capacity planning impacts the organisation’s ability to quickly adapt to market conditions.

Here is a three-step approach to creating a capacity planning model, that your customer will want to adopt:-


What are we hearing?

Customers will talk about not finding the right candidates to meet their needs; About having skilled people there in time to meet demand, not after; Or even providing faster time-to-value, when they don’t have the right delivery resources in place for the business.   If you here any of these comments during your next customer meeting, it’s time to ramp up your professional services pitch! 


Next, it’s time to look at the calendar…. In most cases, capacity planning will be sufficient to resource the next 8 weeks. Anything sooner than that is an emergency solution to cover head-count loss or an unforeseen problem with the project (that wasn’t identified earlier).   Ask the customer about up-coming projects and if they are fully resourced – you might just identify an opportunity to get your foot in the door. 


Short term revenue is great, but it needs to be repeatable.  

Regardless of how your customer approaches capacity planning, if you can help them create a model for the future, you will always be in pole position for services revenue.  Strategies can vary from customer to customer, depending on the type of projects being delivered and their timescales.  I’d recommend bringing in an expert from the Marathon team to help. 

Why not try a workshop with the customer to discuss the different approaches, where we can help you position the right solution for all concerned? Call us to book a service review on 020 8329 1000 or find more at


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