Breach! What happens next?

Breach! What happens next?

Your customer identifies a breach. What’s the worst that can happen?  Well that often depends on the size of their business, the management team and their approach to Security.  Saying that, customers who go through the pain of a security incident, actually share a number of milestones in common.  Let’s take a look at some of the main ones and what resellers can do to mitigate some of the issues.

You lose trust 

In this age of GDPR breach notification, one of the first tangible differences your customer will see is a change in consumer behaviour. News. Fake news. No news – all contribute towards the consumer asking the business for assurances.  It often starts with requests for immediate answers on how the business has responded, if personal data is protected and are the buying channels safe to continue purchasing from.  In the long-term, they start to look for alternative suppliers, and competitors are often quick to welcome them with open arms and great offers.  It can take years for sales to recover to pre-crisis levels and is often seen as the hidden cost of cyber crime.

Confidence goes missing 

Recriminations and blame go hand-in-hand with a public loss of data and your customer will find that internal teams lack confidence in each other to deliver.  This leads to additional workloads, as employees check and double check systems and processes, for holes and risk that weren’t there before. 

Regulatory bodies also want to know if your client is doing everything it could to mitigate and avoid these incidents in the future.   If a business cannot provide evidence that a good cyber security framework and controls have been implemented, the regulators will impose large fines to demonstrate that this is a serious failing and to set an example.

Day-to-day operations suffer 

As we mentioned in the $30bn Boardroom Challenge, your customer will find that business and operational decision making is usually deferred whilst the organisation recovers.  Current security controls are also put on hold as the company re-evaluates how effective they really are and what is required to mitigate the same risks in the future.   

Go big!

Resellers can help by becoming a bigger part of the Breach management plan, for their customer. Marathon have a fantastic Breach Management Service, which helps you to ask all the right questions at your next customer meeting.  This is a proactive service which gives your customer the documented confidence that they are prepared for Security Breaches; that controls are in place; and everyone knows what they need to do, if it has to be implemented. 

Also, remember that Marathon offer a free-of-charge Pre-sales resources to help you position and sell our services.  Our team can work with you to tailor the service specifically for your customer and even attend the meeting with you to sell it.  Get in touch with your account manager, or call us on 020 8329 1000 to get started. 

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