Tenant to tenant migration

Tenant to Tenant Migration made Easy

Change is a hard but necessary part of daily life.  In business, we’re often forced into action due to circumstances beyond our control and a decision to migrate from Tenant to Tenant, won’t be something that your customer embarks on lightly.  Let’s take a quick look at why this is becoming a challenge for many organisations and how resellers, with the right services, are well placed to make migrations easy.

Your customer may have a number of reasons to migrate tenants.  Mergers and Acquisitions are one of the biggest, but resellers should also look out for customers wanting to spin off a division to create a new business; or global companies who need to process data in a specific country or region – U.S companies that need to host email in European countries with specific data privacy laws, are a good example here.

The guaranteed logical separation of business tenants hosted on the same physical platform is sold as a benefit.  However, that guarantee also makes it challenging to combine or separate tenants. Sign up for Office 365 and you become a tenant on the Microsoft domain.  You don’t have to worry about patching, but you still have to manage day-to-day administration such as Exchange and other services.  To ensure that each customer has its own clearly defined boundary, email domains can’t be shared between tenants, so one will have to be moved.  You will also need to migrate if you want to move data between two separate environments.


The Microsoft domain created by the customer isn’t just used for email, it’s also used for Azure Active Directory. To make it easier, many will ensure that the login ID matches the user’s primary SMTP address. During a tenant to tenant migration project, the user’s login ID will need to be considered and in most circumstances, may need to change.  These questions are part of a well-planned migration project and aim to avoid issues and delays further down the line. 


Migration services and project management skills give your customer the confidence to move key services, in a planned and orderly fashion.  The team at Marathon have a number of examples, where mistakes and costly overruns have been mitigated, using this approach. 

We can help you to build trust and demonstrate the essential elements of a successful migration strategy for your customer.  If you are new to Migration, take a look at our Cloud Migration Machine for a wider picture.  Tenant to Tenant migrations fall under the category of additional follow on revenue  – which Microsoft partners found to average $50,000 per project, when surveyed.

Let me know what your experience has been of Tenant to Tenant migration projects?  To hear more about our services and free of charge pre-sales support, get in touch with the team on 020 8329 1000 or email sales@marathon-ps.com

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