End of Support - End of Security

End of Support - End of Security

If you haven’t heard already, Microsoft Exchange 2010 will now reach the end of extended support on 13th October 2020.  Whilst support from the vendor is important to most, we’ve all come to rely on software patching as a security fix for various vulnerabilities.  Critical upgrades shouldn’t be left to the last minute, but you would be surprised by the number of customers who are still not there – so much so that Microsoft themselves are giving customers an extra 9 months, to make the move.

We’ve compiled a 3-step path to for resellers to get the conversation started.  Feel free to take these to your next meeting or why not build a sales call strategy to identify new prospects?


If you’re looking for a starting point with Exchange, the first thing to talk about to your customer is that they’ll have to migrate, as Exchange doesn’t support an in-place upgrade.  Even if they are running a version of Windows Server that supports a newer version, they will still have to migrate mailboxes to a new Exchange server.  Talk to the team if you need help in explaining this to your customer – we’d love to help you out.  


We all want to upgrade to the latest version, don’t we?  Unfortunately, your customers will have to migrate twice, if they want to get to Exchange Server 2019; Firstly to Exchange 2016, before the final leg of their journey to 2019.   If your customers are experiencing performance issues in Exchange 2010, then this may be a path they want to explore further with your help.


If they haven’t considered this already, a move to Office 365 and Exchange Online is potentially, an easier option to sell to your customer.  From one perspective, they have the mailboxes in place and ready to migrate.  On the other hand, they have to make some critical decisions:

How will they connect to the cloud?

How are they going to secure it and manage things like mobile management and identity management?

Which new and existing services, such as Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, will they integrate?


To be honest, it can get a bit confusing to choose the right path forward. Let me know if you find any other ways to engage with this target group in your business?  As always, the Marathon team are on hand to help with free pre-sales support and expertise to get your customers through the challenges ahead. Message me directly or get in touch with the team on 020 8329 1000


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