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5 Reasons to consider migrating your clients into the cloud

We live in a culture where businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. But what happens when hardware fails or you simply don’t have the capacity to store more hardware on premise? Business needn’t come to a standstill with cloud computing. Here’s our 5 reasons to consider cloud services for your clients:

#1 The cloud is scalable

Since cloud solutions offer greater scalability, it’s no surprise that a growing number of businesses are choosing to utilise it within their IT infrastructure. Using virtual solutions will not only reduce hardware costs, but allow companies to scale up or down without requiring extra resources. Your clients will only have to pay for what they use, so this will cut any additional costs. Using the cloud means that businesses can prepare for the future, and the growth that they’ll experience.

#2 Flexibility and communication are increased

Hosting your clients’ infrastructure in the cloud will allow them to work from any location at any time. Whether it’s working alone with access to files and programs from that location, or trying to communicate with others in a team, this is possible through the cloud. Private clouds offer a secure and private solution for your clients, so they needn’t be concerned about storing and dealing with large quantities of confidential data. VDIs and centralised data can all be managed through the cloud.

#3 Recovery from disasters is faster

As an IT provider, it’s your job to provide an infrastructure that will be able to survive due to any unexpected downtime through hardware damage, data breaches or any other circumstances. In the event of downtime, your clients will look to you for a way to recover quickly and restore all functionality as fast as possible without their customers noticing any change to their services. Cloud solutions can offer your clients the ability to continue working as normal as the cloud will give them access to all mission-critical applications and files through different machines.

#4 Freedom to innovate

The money and resources you save your clients will allow them to invest elsewhere – for example in a more robust CRM system, or streamlining their financial processes. The cloud model removes the capital outlay associated with hardware into a fixed monthly rental model. A cloud system can give them the freedom to innovate into the core areas of their business, without concerns of infrastructure failures or other long or short-term technical issues.

#5 Guaranteed Uptime

Providing cloud solutions to your clients is an effective method of creating backups of their data. They can have peace of mind that their data is secure and recoverable, as well as you being able to implement security procedures to access this such as password protection. Migrating your clients into the cloud is a great way to guarantee their uptime, and increase general working efficiency and productivity of staff by making resources available to them at all times, and when working remotely.

If you want to provide a resilient solution for your clients but don’t have the resources to do this in-house, we can act on a white-labelled basis to take care of migrating your client into the cloud. To discuss your requirements, give Marathon a call on today on 020 8329 1000 or take a look at the services we offer.

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