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7 simple ways to improve security in-house for your clients

It seems that every few months there’s another high-scale security breach reported in the news. However, security breaches can often be avoided by preparation in advance. Many businesses fail to implement processes that will help to protect them in the event of an attempted breach. As a result, they can face legal issues, financial consequences and damaged brand reputation and trust. As their IT provider, you should be putting in place measures which will help your clients to have the highest possible level of security. Here are 7 simple ways to improve security in-house for your clients:

#1 Use individual passwords

Many of your customers will be used to using passwords to login to different platforms, for example email or online accounts. Setting up their infrastructure in a way that requires passwords at different levels is a simple way to increase in-house security. You can restrict access to particular files and information, and prevent unauthorised access by only allowing specific members of staff to have the password.

#2 Create a tiered infrastructure

Using permissions tools with collaboration tools and software in a tiered format will restrict access to specific groups, for example only management level staff, senior staff or all employees. As their IT provider, you can also encrypt files, which will ensure the security of any files when there is a security breach, or hardware containing information is stolen or lost.

#3 Secure employee’s mobile devices

A scheme that is growing in popularity is the “bring your own device” scheme. This allows employees to bring their own laptops and mobile devices to work from, and to use these to work at home too. This cuts costs for businesses, and gives greater flexibility for staff members, however if it’s not handled properly then it can become a security risk. If it is not necessary to connect these devices with your clients’ business Wi-Fi then don’t. Ensuring that their devices are secure and protected will ultimately decide whether they pose a security risk to your client.

#4 Encourage staff education

The biggest in-house security risk is staff. As an IT provider, you may offer to deliver appropriate training to your customers to allow them to use their infrastructure efficiently, but also keep it as secure as possible.

#5 Introduce physical barriers

Stopping all staff members having physical access to server is also important to maintain a good level of security for your clients. If servers are stored in a locked area, they can’t be damaged or information stolen. When authorisation is required to access internal infrastructure, this increases each individual’s personal responsibility and improves overall data handling.

#6 Regularly update systems

Your customers will also expect you to update their network infrastructure regularly and carry out checks to ensure that everything is up-to-date. This will help to guarantee that security levels are maintained and reduce the risk of security breaches. Other things that you can encourage your client to do, or complete on their behalf, is to regularly dispose of outdated data, and ensure that no private information is recoverable.

#7 Monitor for a compliant infrastructure

Monitoring your customers’ systems constantly will prevent any information breaches before they occur. Threats can be detected and alert you in order to make any necessary changes and stop unauthorised access to confidential information. This is vital to ensuring that your customers’ IT infrastructure is fully compliant with UK data protection laws.

Outsourcing security requirements

Marathon know that sometimes additional requirements from your customers mean that you don’t have the time to address them straight away. In the case of security, this is not something that can be postponed until a later date and often requires urgent action. We have engineers to take care of your customers on a white labelled basis, whether it’s maintenance or the full implementation of security features within their infrastructure. Find out more about the services that we offer by giving our team a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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