Virtual Backup System

How can you ensure that you give your clients the best virtual backup system?

Planning IT infrastructure to meet your clients’ requirements is about fulfilling their practical needs, whilst considering the other elements. Alongside the physical infrastructure, you’ll want to cut power costs, increase productivity, and prevent downtime which is why many businesses are beginning to look to virtual solutions to back-up their data.

Growth of virtualization

A growing number of organisations are now integrating with virtual systems to improve their backup processes and reduce the risk of downtime and loss of data. Adding new servers and physically backing up information can become costly and time-consuming, compared to virtual backups.

Deduplication, replication and cloud backup

The best virtual backup systems will include functions such as automatic data deduplication, which will streamline working and increase the overall efficiency since data will be easy to find and use. Replication is made simpler using virtual systems as all data being moved or added is backed up to the server in real time. High availability replication is also popular for mission critical systems, Whilst this solution is more expensive, geographical replication of data between datacentres can ensure uptime and SLAs are preserved.

Recovering data and high availability

In the event of a disaster or hardware issues, it is vital to maintain a fully functioning system for your clients. They will be relying on you to setup and maintain infrastructure that protects and stores data effectively and reduces downtime when unexpected events occur. Virtual backups work towards high availability, as data is stored in the cloud instead of lost due to damaged hardware.

Application support

With any new backup system, it is important to consider the application support that is available. This could be included when purchasing new software, or you will need to deliver this support to your clients personally. This requires expertise and skills, including detailed knowledge of the system and the ability to work quickly to solve any issues.

Expertise in virtual backups

Marathon Professional Services has experience with many different virtual backup options and can offer support to your clients on a white-labelled basis. This allows you to extend your team and fill a skills gap, whilst guaranteeing the best virtual backup system for your customers.

For more information or advice about virtual backup systems, give Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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