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How could you get your clients connected by setting them up with VoIP?

VoIP is simply delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol. It’s something that your clients are most likely already aware of but may not yet have worked out how they might be able to use it to their advantage. Many believe that VoIP is simply about making cheap phone calls – which it is – but there are also some other key benefits. If you’re looking to add efficiency, help clients broaden networks and generally get clients better connected, VoIP can offer a range of benefits:

Remove communication obstacles

Communication is a key element for most businesses but for enterprises of all sizes it’s dependent on the level of budget there is to finance it. Many organisations will be forced to limit certain outreach or communications simply because it eats too far into cash flow. This is where VoIP can make a big difference, removing an obstacle to communication by providing the opportunity to connect for free or at a much lower cost.

Help your clients manage budgets

As already noted, VoIP can have a very positive impact on lowering operating costs and helping to open up new channels of communication without cost implications. Where clients are struggling with budgets this can provide considerable relief as it’s a cut that is made without having to consider a consequent drop in productivity. Rather than making painful sacrifices in order to keep budgets under control, clients can recoup this cash and reassign it to another area of the business, making a positive impact on two areas of the accounts.

Encourage clients to be more creative

If communication with customers has been limited as a result of cost considerations then VoIP introduction could usher in a new era of creativity when it comes to many elements of a business, from the way that customer service is delivered to the way that new leads are sought. Most new marketing or communications streams will cost to introduce but not this one, and that means that it’s much easier for clients to start diversifying the way that they interact with their own customers.

Make clients more responsive

VoIP has many benefits, among them that calls can be made to any phone anywhere in the world. Incorporating this into an existing service will immediately provide an upgrade and allow clients to boost responsiveness and customer or client service levels. As there is no identifiable difference between calls made via traditional telephony and calls made using VoIP, there’s no drop in what the recipient hears, only a wide range of fantastic benefits for the client.

Innovate with VoIP

As VoIP uses digital, internet technologies it offers access to new features and services that would previously have been impossible, meaning that businesses are better able to adopt the latest innovations in cutting edge telephony tech and pass the benefits on to their own clients or customers. VoIP isn’t just about cheap phone calls – it’s about giving businesses the opportunity to explore just how much they could connect, grow and connect.

Marathon know that it's not always easy to find the extra hands to setup VoIP for your customers. As an IT reseller, it can be tricky to provide specialised services for your customers without a large cost, but Marathon can supply VoIP engineers for fixed term and on a white-label basis to take care of your clients' requirements. Find out more about VoIP for your clients by giving Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000


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