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How to decide which storage solution is most suitable for your clients

Every client is different and as their IT provider it’s your job to decide which storage solutions are best suited to them. This can also include ongoing support for them, after initially implementing the desired storage solution. But what are the options for your clients and how can you decide which suits their requirements the most suitably?

Physical servers in-house

Most businesses have the majority of their information stored on physical servers within their premises. This is an efficient and reliable solution provided completely in-house. No resources are shared with other users, and it can be customised to fit the needs of the user. However, unless necessary, these can be a high cost as they use more space and hardware to grow storage space as a business scale up. On-premise solutions also present a potential security risk and there must be a backup off-site.

Private cloud

If you want to remove the capital cost of purchasing hardware then the cloud model is for you. Despite being more expensive over time and presenting difficultly accessing data from remote locations, private clouds offer a range of benefits including much higher levels of security. This can make it suitable for financial organisations or other companies storing a large amount of sensitive customer data. If you customers require greater control over their data, private clouds are a useful way to back up information.

Public cloud solutions

By far the biggest advantage for your customers of using a public cloud is the unlimited storage space and scalability that it offers. It provides a cost-effective storage solution that are backed up should there be any damage to hardware in-house. Downsides include requiring greater security measures to maintain privacy and protect against unauthorised access, however with training as to what is higher and lower risk data, and ongoing support, this need not be an issue. There is also the ability to access the data using a virtual desktop across different locations.

Hybrid pros and cons

It is possible to combine the previous three options and offer your clients a hybrid solution. This can give them the benefit of additional security for the most confidential information, as well as providing the most scalable option. Mission-critical servers can replicate to a secure cloud infrastructure in several ways. Hybrid solutions often provide better return for clients who have on premise physical servers but want to transition into a cloud-based model.

The best solution for each client

Marathon knows that each client is different as we support and has the skill set for each of these solutions to help businesses within the channel to support their clients’ needs individually. If you have a skills gap to fill or need extra staff to setup a new infrastructure, Marathon can provide qualified and experienced engineers and services on a white-labelled basis to the channel. Get in touch on 0 20 8329 1000 today for more information.

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