Disaster Recovery Planning

Is disaster recovery planning the key to eliminating downtime for your clients’ systems?

IT is at the centre of most businesses today, making them vulnerable to all of the problems that can come with aging infrastructure, hardware and complex management. A problem caused by natural events, human error or a simple hardware issue can have catastrophic disasters on a business, which is why more and more businesses are choosing to implement a disaster recovery strategy.

Preparing for disasters

The non-stop world we live in means that any downtime can have a significant effect on business, including tarnishing of customer relationships, damaged reputation and a large amount of time and money that can be lost if data is not backed up sufficiently. Preparation in case of any such disaster is the key to managing business processes in the most efficient way.

Analysing your data

Your customers will need to decide what data is vital to their business and what applications need to be highly available at all times. When they are fully aware of all the information they possess, they can prioritise what is the most important. You can also help your customers to assess what the most likely risks are to their data – whether this is down to internal or external factors.

Faster recovery times

Downtime is best reduced by planning ahead. If you have in place the steps to take when disaster strikes, you can carry these out quickly and effectively, to minimise the time lost for your client’s business. It also means that their staff will know how to deal with a variety of situations productively and confidently. In times of sudden high demand, it is worth considering outsourcing recovery processes to Marathon on a white label basis to ensure the fastest recovery times possible for your clients. The Recovery Point Objective should be guaranteed and the Return to Operation (RTO) being as short a time as possible. Highly available DR systems can achieve an RTO of minutes in preference to hours or days.

Monitoring and testing

Following the implementation of a disaster recovery plan, ongoing monitoring can ensure that all risks are detected as soon as possible, to save your customers time and money. Over time, you may not have the capacity to undertake some projects, such as additional server upgrades as your customers’ businesses expand. In this instance, Marathon can help.

Qualified engineers to act as an extension of your team

When you need extra engineers who are experienced in data recovery, storage solutions and disaster recovery planning, Marathon’s team of qualified engineers can step in to fill any skills or resources gaps that you have.

Give Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000 to find out more about the services that we have to offer the channel on a white label basis.

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