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Marathon Provides Support and Installation Services as we partner with Synerway

Synerway is a pioneer in backup appliances. Following a time of expansion of their UK operations, their requirements have increased, and they have looked to Marathon for the help of their specialised engineers.

Why did Synerway go to Marathon?

Concerned with their customers receiving the best possible local support, Synerway turned to Marathon for their helpdesk and deployment needs within the UK. Since Marathon is based in Surrey, they were ideal to provide telephone assistance and on-site installation and support help to Synerway’s customers.

What can Marathon bring to Synerway?

Despite Synerway having their own professional services team, Marathon can guarantee a higher quality of first-line support, acting quickly to solve problems and install IT infrastructure on their behalf. Because we work exclusively with the channel, we can ensure a dedicated resource assigned to Synerway, completing a range of projects from disaster recovery to data protection.

We act as an extension of the Synerway team

We are able to provide specialised engineers to take on the jobs that Synerway doesn’t have the capacity to do outside of their everyday support and customer work. It means that we can identify and solve problems more quickly than they would be able to in-house, and we can step in and manage entire customer projects, as well as our fully qualified engineers providing pre-sales assistance.

Running Synerway’s technical operations

Marathon has worked with Synerway for many years, working closely with CEO, Yann Rolland. Rolland has said that the new partnership will give them “rapid and reliable deployments and follow up” for their customers. The particular experience that Marathon has ensures a more direct and helpful approach to all issues.

Helping with company expansion

As companies expand, their customer base grows, and with it comes a growing volume of IT infrastructure issues, management and maintenance requirements. All of this can be carried out by Marathon, for a set period, or an ongoing partnership, working as an extension of your business to give your customers consistently great support and installation services.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, give Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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