Meet Mike. Mike is making it BIG in Services with Marathon

Mike is a Director at BURA MarkIT, a fast growing London-based reseller working exclusively with Marathon Professional Services.  What impact does the team at Marathon have on Mike’s Services business?  How does Mike make it BIG in Services?  We thought you might like to hear about it and find out if your business could benefit from being more like Mike! 

The team at BURA MarkIT focus on all things Data.  From Security through to Management, the business is growing a reputation of Trust as an IT partner of choice for customers.   The services ‘formula for success’ with Marathon is based on some basic principles and a great working relationship.  As Mike is so happy, we asked him to explain more.

“We’ve worked with Marathon for a number of years now and I can summarise how we’ve benefited from their support in three key areas:

1. We take advantage of the Free Pre-sales advice:  The Marathon team come pre-loaded with certifications, experience and time.  Our sales team use it to scope new projects, identify potential gaps in new deals, as well as keeping our existing customers happy.  The fact that it’s free reduces our overall cost of sale and increases deal margins. 

2. We Involve them early and fully, in the sales cycle:  Trust is central to our business and the best way to earn that with customers is to get the right people in the room.  We engage the Marathon team, under our logo, as early as possible and in return, we maximise the potential services revenue from happy customers. 

3. We don’t walk away from a service opportunity:  Our relationship with Marathon has driven the way we look at Services opportunities.  The BURA MarkIT sales team understand that walking away from a customer without a conversation about services, erodes our margin and position of trust.  It sounds simple but comes down to having the confidence to ask the questions that really help the customer solve an issue – and having a team that can follow up with the right skills to deliver!”

Does your business want to be more like Mike and the team at BURA MarkIT.  Marathon give you open access to the full range of services, for you to enhance your existing business.  For more information please contact your dedicated Marathon Account Manager or visit the services section.

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