Blog Move Up To A Strategic Partnership With Your Clients

Move Up To A Strategic Partnership With Your Clients

Most resellers are viewed purely as suppliers of IT by their clients and therefore never attain close partnership status and have no influence or access to projects and initiatives that could drive more business. Becoming a Strategic partner for your clients will enable close and long-term relationships with senior decision making client management.

Software maintenance is an easy way to drive an initial Strategic discussion as this takes over 50% of IT’s time and is therefore an area where resellers can add strategic value immediately by driving efficiencies.

For example, helping clients understand which applications and other software are candidates for a Cloud migration can take away patching, upgrades, bug fixes and other software related tasks at a single stroke, by pushing the software maintenance function to the Cloud provider.

Other examples of where Strategic level expertise can help your clients improve the way they deliver their IT services include:

  • Identifying opportunities for bespoke software applications to be replaced by 3rd party generic packages with more contemporary capabilities
  • Identifying ITIL best practices to ensure software is being designed, deployed, managed, maintained and improved in context with the business requirements and to reduce to the number of IT issues that occur
  • Focus training for IT on the Strategic business objectives and systems rather than having to maintaining ‘old system’ skills
  • Ensure that projects take account of the software maintenance impact and resource requirements which equate to the real TCO for software

Marathon provides Strategic experts that are able to engage on behalf of our channel partners and drive Strategic relationships for you and your clients.

Marathon’s team of senior consultants have been delivering business and IT strategy across public and commercial sectors, for our reseller clients, since 2010 and have been instrumental in growing reseller selling opportunities and profit.

To talk to Marathon about how we can help identify new sales leads with our profiling service, aimed at targeting those clients that offer you quick wins and low hanging selling opportunities call us on 020 8329 1000.

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