The revenue impact of GDPR... on your business

You don’t need us, to tell you, that GDPR is massively over-hyped! But does it have any real and lasting impact, on the way our customers buy IT solutions and services.  I've asked our GDPR Practitioners, here at Marathon, to take another look at the legacy issues your customers will be facing. The feedback was very interesting; GDPR can open doors to projects and budgets that have been heavily guarded – until now!

The GDPR opportunity for stronger Security

Traditional Security is focused at tools and systems; customers use firewalls, intrusion detection systems and anti-virus to protect servers. While still important, it’s clear that GDPR is accelerating the shift towards a different approach – data.   By protecting the personal data of people residing in the EU, GDPR will make a global impact on how companies approach data and privacy, across different markets.  Now is the time to make that case for stronger security with customers, with a May 2018 timeframe, leading the list of project goals.


Defining a new ‘Gold Standard’ for Managed Services?  

Managed Services have clearly got to improve across the board.  One of the early signs to GDPR opening the door to new revenue, was an increase in customers shop around for a compliant solution, or how they can  enhance existing contracts!  Amongst other things, GDPR moves the role of data processor to have liability at Law, rather than just under contract.  In addition, there is a long list of requirements that have to be in place between controllers and processors. If you take one thing away from this it's to use this fact to review existing contracts or find new opportunities.  


Does it apply to my SME customers?  A buying signal not to ignore

The new regulations will upgrade the requirement, for 1.3 million UK SME businesses, to be more responsible for managing personal data and more accountable for how they protect it.  With such a large potential base, the trick can be where do you start, in order to achieve the best revenue gains?  Having attended various meetings with the GDPR team my humble suggestion is that we start by offering clarity.  The terms specified under GDPR have left many SME companies confused as to if they need to comply, and if so, how?  Even if it doesn’t apply, you have to document and be able to communicate your thinking.  More and more we see this a great chance, for resellers, to engage and provide documented assurances, through additional services.


Lest we forget the customers that are already Certified...

Did you know that GDPR is fuelling re-occurring revenue from Cyber Essentials services?  Your customers need us!  We know that they already have to consider the on-going changes and requirements for IT infrastructure, to remain compliant under the scheme.  However, with GDPR, customers now need to include such things as how to assess business risks, train staff, the process for dealing with incidents and handling operational issues. 


Happy Hunting on the quest for new revenue from GDPR!  If you need any helps then why not set up an introduction call today, with your dedicated Marathon Account Manager, and we’ll provide you with downloadable resources, free presales support and access to a local GDPR Practitioner - we're always open to a quick phone call too.  





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