The BIG Facts about Service-led Selling

We all know that Services are a key part of delivering customer success. However, recent research brought to you by the team at Marathon, highlights just how impotant it has become.

During the course of our recent research, for example, Marathon found data to support the fact that your Services teams interact with customers 5-15x as often as their Sales counterparts. Think about it.... project planning sessions, installs, service visits, upgrades;  all interactions that can result in an opportunity to sell.  To grow revenue from existing customers effectively, these interactions can’t be left on the table.  

People really do buy from People and the Services team don't look like they come from a sales background.  Customers tend to believe that Services people are there to help, rather than separate them from their money. It’s the trust that Service Delivery teams have with clients that allows them to ask the questions that salespeople can’t.

Is your Service team the key to BIG revenue gains?

It's true that nothing happens until a sale is made.  However, the reality today is that much more has to happen after that initial sale, if you are to meet your revenue goals.  

The signs are that we are moving to a consumption based model.  Discussions have traditionally revolved around the initial product sale and “services” to install, maintain and support the product.  Today, the sales order is now only the beginning of a much longer conversation, as customers focus on their core competencies and ask suppliers to guarantee the return, promised in the sales brochure.  We've previously mentioned that customers are not buying a product, they want a solution and we are now starting to see this, from customers on a daily basis. 

The Future is all about filling the BIG gaps in the IT Channel

Channel trends indicate, with the shift toward cloud technology, many company’s IT departments have been downsized. The challenge for many resellers resellers is to fill those BIG gaps left in ad-hoc services, as enterprise software becomes increasingly housed and maintained by the vendor, in the Cloud.

These BIG gaps are seen as the market moves towards micro transactions, delivered through online portals.  If you can provide short terms skills and experience, for projects that are billed in hours and days, rather than weeks and months.  Marathon have done work in this area to assist partners looking to add this to their business with some success.  

Where next?

Service-led selling is now recognised as one of the biggest opportunities for resellers to generate additional revenue and increase their value, within existing accounts.  If you don't have the services resources, or would like additional help to implement these changes, the Marathon team can help.  We're here to increase the level of interaction you acheive with your customer and put you in the right place to spot new revenue opportunities -  for quick, efficient and margin-rich deals.

Download the infographic for a summary of the research, or contact the Marathon team for more information.





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