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What could VoIP bring to your clients’ infrastructure?

Communications are a fundamental part of any business infrastructure and the most ideal solutions are often those which can be integrated into the IT infrastructure. VoIP, or Voice-over IP, is an increasingly popular telecoms choice for a number of reasons including reduced cost and improved call quality for your clients’ business.

VoIP and technology

VoIP works by converting analog data to a digital format, replacing the need for traditional IDSN phone lines with direct contact from IP addresses. This enables a variety of different features such as the ability to view called ID and re-route calls before they’re connected to a voicemail message. One benefit of VoIP is that it can be incorporated to an existing IT infrastructure for your clients, so if they’re not looking for a complete overhaul, you can simply integrate it with a unified communications strategy.

Scalability as your clients’ business grows

As your clients’ business grows, they will need an infrastructure that is ready to expand to meet their requirements. VoIP makes it easier for handsets to be added for new staff members with minimal disruption. Hosted solutions can be integrated into the infrastructure that is there without the need for major changes besides the new handsets themselves.

Flexibility for international employees

VoIP phones are ideal for providing flexibility for employees to work from different locations, whether this is from a home office, or across different international office locations, as long as there is an internet connection. This can also significantly reduce costs, since international calls from standard ISDN lines can incur additional charges. Since working from home offices is a growing employee incentive, VoIP can provide your clients the chance to allow their employees to work from home, but still use their phone as if they are in the office. Calls between VoIP users are also free regardless of the physical location of the user.

What is required for VoIP?

All that is required for your clients to use VoIP is an internet connection that has a large enough bandwidth and a high speed connection to support multiple users at any single time. This will ensure high call quality for your clients, however it is worth considering having a backup system since VoIP phones will be affected in the event of power failure.

Which system will provide the most benefits to your clients?

The largest VoIP providers include Microsoft Lync Server and Cisco UC. Before implementing either of these, it’s important to ensure that you choose a system that is compatible with the current infrastructure that your client has. For example, a company that uses Microsoft Office solutions would most likely benefit from choosing Microsoft Lync Server. As their IT provider, it is up to you to advise them as to the best solutions to choose.

Extra support for your clients

IT resellers will have times of having a larger number of projects at one time. Marathon understand that it’s not always ideal to take on a new staff member on a temporary basis, but also that you don’t want to compromise your high level of services and speed of support to your existing customers during these times.

Marathon’s team of experienced engineers can act as an extension of your team providing a White Label Help Desk to ensure a smooth transition to VoIP and ongoing support. Find out how we can help you to support your clients by giving us a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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