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What does VoIP have to offer your clients?

Telecommunications within a business can be a huge expense, and Voice over IP (VoIP) is a fantastic way to integrate communications into your clients’ infrastructure whilst also reducing costs for them. Moving from using ISDN phone lines to VoIP, which converts analog signals to digital data, can significantly cut costs, since it uses an IP address rather than the traditional phone lines.

Features of VoIP

VoIP systems also offer a wide range of functions and features to users, including displaying caller ID, rerouting calls before reaching a voicemail message, allowing callers to be placed on hold. VoIP is compatible to be used within an already established IT infrastructure, so there are no additional setup requirements.

There are other features too that can be setup individually such as an IVR switchboard, a do not disturb button and recording voicemail messages which are then automatically emailed to a specific address to be picked up.

What do your clients need before they use VoIP?

Although VoIP can be integrated into any existing IT infrastructure, there are a few elements that are required for you to put in place in order to make the most of it. One of the main requirements is a large enough bandwidth to support the system with multiple users, especially bearing in mind the future and need for the business to scale up and grow. High-speed internet connections are important since lacking in this will reduce the performance of the VoIP phones, as well as securing a good-router to ensure high call quality at all times.

Things to consider depending on your customers

Sound quality can be lost when your customer has insufficient bandwidth to support it, and the fact that VoIP requires power to work means that it’s a good idea to have a backup system in place in case of the event of a power failure, to reduce any downtime. Make sure that you supply your customers with battery-power as an alternative if there are any power issues.

What are the benefits that VoIP has to offer?

VoIP offers users the ability to work from any location with the same IP address. This is ideal for companies with employees based in multiple office locations, nationally or internationally. Call costs are significantly reduced too, since all VoIP to VoIP calls in-house are free, which gives staff the chance to communicate worldwide without generating significantly higher costs.

Choosing a VoIP system

Depending on the setup your client already has, there may be some VoIP solutions that are more suited to them than others. For example, those working using Microsoft Office solutions may be suited to Microsoft Lync Server, compared to Cisco UC which would suit those that are instead familiar with Cisco Systems.

As an IT provider, it is your role to recommend, provide and support the most beneficial VoIP system for each of your clients. Marathon knows that many IT companies may not cover expertise in all VoIP systems, or may simply lack the manpower to provide setup or support for individual systems. We provide trained engineers in specified areas to take care of this for your customers on a white labelled basis.

Find out more about our skills base and give us a call today on 020 8329 1000 to find out how we can work for you.

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