Are your customers self-diagnosing their own Security?

IT security is no longer just about technical tools and Firewalls. The real threats today come from attacks on the people inside your organisation. Security is about how the company is protecting them from email-borne, Internet and social engineering attacks. Using internal teams, many customers fall into the trap of assuming they are protected but, without an independent review, they may leave themselves open to future attacks. The Business Security Health-Check Service from Marathon, provides a ready-to-deploy solution for resellers looking to create additional value and margin.

What's included?

Marathons’ Business IT Health Check is non-intrusive and carried out with both on-site and remote inspections, using Information Security compliance experts. The service is designed to provide fast feedback. Identifying high risks areas of security that need to be addressed and assigning priorities, based on the risks and impact that they could cause. Download the service document to see what's included

What triggers a Health-Check?


New applications or upgrades to existing solutions


Mergers and Acquisitions, with changes to infrastructure or location


Migration or IT transformation projects 


Applications developed by a third-party or outsourcer


Outsourced Application development or testing 


Customers moving applications to another Security context



Why Marathon?

Marathon is a white label IT infrastructure and Security expert. We help our Distribution, SI and Reseller clients to drive more business through each of their customers. Building their capability to sustain and grow long term business. As an Information Security and Data Protection expert, we provide managed and support services which are designed to proactively identify and nullify vulnerabilities or threats for our clients, on an ongoing basis.

Marathon is a Cyber Essentials Self Assessment and Cyber Essentials Plus, Certified Assessors, GDPR Practitioners, ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems) and 22301 (Business Continuity Management Systems) Auditors.