Resellers are now at the forefront of an explosion in Public Cloud projects, estimated to be worth $500B, by the end of 2020.  At Marathon, we recognise the huge value of Migration, as an entry-point for partners to take the lead - as more and more customers look to third parties for help.

Different customers will have different objectives and priorities for their cloud migration.  Some may be strongly motivated by the new scenarios which the cloud enables, whereas others may be focused on increasing agility.  Whatever the motivation, this offers continued potential for you as a migration partner - supported by a comprehensive service from the team at Marathon, to help you meet this demand.

The Marathon Cloud Readiness Service

Our Cloud Readiness Service assists resellers to build a Migration practice that takes you from your first sale, through to executing large-scale migration programmes.  Building your very own cloud-readiness machine through defined processes, re-usable IP and the right people and support from Marathon! 

Discover - Assess - Target - Migrate - Repeat.

In the majority of cases, the formula to a successful Cloud project is avoiding short-cuts in the process.  Marathon provide repeatable processes and tools that are designed to help you keep your customers on track, during each and every migration.   

* Discover: Discover the resources, Application performance and Trends analysis
* Assess: assess Resources and applications by type, importance and degree of complexity
* Target: Define resources to be migrated, the destination and build a migration strategy
* Migrate: Migrate resources to the defined migration plan
* Repeat:  Build a consistent migration practice based on repeatable IP 

Learn more about the essential steps to well-planned and repeatable migration projects.

Looking for the resources you need to build your new Cloud Migration business and start to build margin and revenue?  The team at Marathon bring you the latest channel research, with all the data you need to build your strategy and start the conversation with customers.

Remember, Marathon provide free of charge presales assistance and wherever possible, work on a fixed priced basis. Set up an introduction call today with your dedicated Marathon Account Manager and we’ll provide you with everything you need, to start earning more services revenue from Cloud Migration projects.