Marathon PDSC Certification scheme

NEWS: Marathon take lead on Police Certification Scheme

Marathon are delighted to announce that they have become the first company to qualify under the new Police ‘Digital Service Provider’ Certification scheme.  Here's everything you need to know about the opportunity and how this will influence decisions about Security, across your SME client base.

What can we learn about Security from ICO fines

What can we learn about Security from ICO fines?

How does the fact that British Airways, DSG or Facebook are being fined for security breaches affect your customers?  The fact that GDPR fines can now extend to 4% of global revenue will be top of mind, (Did BA get away with £180m at 1.5%?), but we know that it doesn’t end there. Yes, your customers probably don’t want the adverse publicity, the loss of brand equity or a drop in customer loyalty, but are some of them still thinking 'it will never happen to us’?


Let’s talk to customers about Risk

Are you talking about Risk with your customers?

Every organisation has to make difficult decisions around how much time and money they spend securing their technology; and using risk management techniques to inform and improve on the actions we take to protect day-to-day services and operations. 

Here are some common risk management starting points, used by the Marathon Professional Services team, that could help your customer to improve the decisions they are making about cyber security and increase your share of their overall IT budget, at the same time. 

Cyber Essentials doesn't have to be scary

Scary Cyber Essentials…not!

The IT industry has a general tendency to market Security solutions on the negative risk of not taking action. We don’t want to underplay the potentially devastating impact of a breach, but it’s not always a case of ignorance, on the part of the customer, when Security isn’t the first priority.

Helping customers to get certified is only the start of your journey together. Of course, it generates services revenue, but what impact does the Cyber Essentials scheme have on their business, and your margin, in the long run…?

Cyber Threat Simulation workshop

Marathon Service switches on SME’s to Security

Despite an increasing effort by the Government to sell it, SME’s continue to lag behind in their understanding and approach to Security.  Government backed research has already shown us that 29% of customers who experience an attack during 2019, plan to do nothing in response. Can the reseller channel use some of the latest tools and content, to switch-on these customers to a more secure business?

Personal data...the elephant in the meeting room

Like it or loathe it, these new regulations have certainly moved many customers to invest in data compliancy, in varying degrees.  When a company like Google hits the headlines with a massive fine for non-compliance, many customers will naturally ask themselves if they are on track, safe or still legal… has the elephant in the room got a seat at the table?