What can we learn about Security from ICO fines

What can we learn about Security from ICO fines?

How does the fact that British Airways, DSG or Facebook are being fined for security breaches affect your customers?  The fact that GDPR fines can now extend to 4% of global revenue will be top of mind, (Did BA get away with £180m at 1.5%?), but we know that it doesn’t end there. Yes, your customers probably don’t want the adverse publicity, the loss of brand equity or a drop in customer loyalty, but are some of them still thinking 'it will never happen to us’?

Is DPR a winner?

Is GDPR winning? The results are in...

Good or bad, like it or loathe it, the GDPR had its first Anniversary this month.  Did it work? 

I’ve been asked this question a few times so decided to do some further research, as to the real impact, on the size and scale of data breaches since the new regulations came into force.  This week, we’re looking at the results from the 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey for answers, and what it might mean for the UK channel.

Personal data...the elephant in the meeting room

Like it or loathe it, these new regulations have certainly moved many customers to invest in data compliancy, in varying degrees.  When a company like Google hits the headlines with a massive fine for non-compliance, many customers will naturally ask themselves if they are on track, safe or still legal… has the elephant in the room got a seat at the table?  

The revenue impact of GDPR... on your business

You don’t need us, to tell you, that GDPR is massively over-hyped! But does it have any real and lasting impact, on the way our customers buy IT solutions and services.  I've asked our GDPR Practitioners, here at Marathon, to take another look at the legacy issues your customers will be facing. The feedback was very interesting; GDPR can open doors to projects and budgets that have been heavily guarded – until now!

The GDPR opportunity for stronger Security

Are you ready for the GDPR in May?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is scheduled to come into force in the UK in May of this year. It will replace the Data Protection Act and represents a significant upgrade in the rights that exist to protect personal and sensitive data. However, survey data from late 2017 shows that just over half of UK small businesses are still unaware of the GDPR and the business changes required for compliance.