Using Intune in MEMCM

Using Intune in MEMCM Admin Center

It seems crazy that only 12 months ago, we were talking about Intune vs SCCM.  As many of you know, Intune has been far more focused on being an access management solution to Azure resources;  whilst ConfigMgr, on the other hand, has been a traditional systems management solution. So, for many IT professionals, it was never Intune vs SCCM, but rather Intune andConfigMgr.

technical blog Marathon Extracting MSI files for updates in SCCM.jpg

Extracting .MSI files for Surface updates in SCCM

The traditional approach to driver management is to only do it when absolutely necessary.  You might have the odd occasion when a bug fix, or a feature requires a firmware or driver refresh, but if it’s working, you probably don’t need to fix it…unless it’s a Microsoft Surface device!


Missing Data Protection

New: Office 365 Data Protection Guide

Microsoft has dominated the email market for many years and now with over 155 million customers using Office 365, it is now doing so to a greater extent in the cloud. Here at Marathon, we hear many customer stories where the decision to move to Office 365 is often taken before consulting the people involved in managing it. Despite it being a good solution overall, are your customers getting a bad deal from a Microsoft-only solution, or are they missing out on critical data protection and compliance capabilities?

End of Support - End of Security

End of Support - End of Security

If you haven’t heard already, Microsoft Exchange 2010 will now reach the end of extended support on 13th October 2020.  Whilst support from the vendor is important to most, we’ve all come to rely on software patching as a security fix for various vulnerabilities.  Critical upgrades shouldn’t be left to the last minute, but you would be surprised by the number of customers who are still not there – 

Tenant to tenant migration

Tenant to Tenant Migration made Easy

Change is a hard but necessary part of daily life.  In business, we’re often forced into action due to circumstances beyond our control and a decision to migrate from Tenant to Tenant, won’t be something that your customer embarks on lightly.  Let’s take a quick look at why this is becoming a challenge for many organisations and how resellers, with the right services, are well placed to make migrations easy.

MS Teeams

Go Teams!

Let’s face it, email isn’t the best way for teams to collaborate on a project.  We’ve also already explored the issues created by generational differences when people work together. If you want to see this problem from the customer perspective, here is the view from the team at Mastercard.   To make matters worse, employees are now increasingly working acro

Reimagining the Digital Workspace- by design!

Endpoint devices haven’t always been so mobile.  For those that remember they were huge ugly beige-coloured boxes, gathering dust under the desks that they were shackled to by weight or wire.  The adoption of tablets and phones allows your customers to mobilise their user workspace and take it wherever they need to work.  However, if they try to manage these devices in the same traditional manner, extending the number and variety of network-attached devices clearly creates new challenges for security and data management.