Using Intune in MEMCM

Using Intune in MEMCM Admin Center

It seems crazy that only 12 months ago, we were talking about Intune vs SCCM.  As many of you know, Intune has been far more focused on being an access management solution to Azure resources;  whilst ConfigMgr, on the other hand, has been a traditional systems management solution. So, for many IT professionals, it was never Intune vs SCCM, but rather Intune andConfigMgr.

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Extracting .MSI files for Surface updates in SCCM

The traditional approach to driver management is to only do it when absolutely necessary.  You might have the odd occasion when a bug fix, or a feature requires a firmware or driver refresh, but if it’s working, you probably don’t need to fix it…unless it’s a Microsoft Surface device!



The future of Cloud

I think we’ve become a little blind-sided by terminology lately.  Talk about adopting a Cloud strategy - and it conjures up a vision of a ‘Cloud platform’ somehow managing all of your data and infrastructure. 

In reality, the cloud simply provides additional capacity to run workloads and give elastic-level scale to your capacity. Management is something else though, and it seems that the teams at Microsoft are starting to recognise this too, if the announcements at Ignite 19 were anything to go by.