Marathon PDSC Certification scheme

NEWS: Marathon take lead on Police Certification Scheme

Marathon are delighted to announce that they have become the first company to qualify under the new Police ‘Digital Service Provider’ Certification scheme.  Here's everything you need to know about the opportunity and how this will influence decisions about Security, across your SME client base.

Missing Data Protection

New: Office 365 Data Protection Guide

Microsoft has dominated the email market for many years and now with over 155 million customers using Office 365, it is now doing so to a greater extent in the cloud. Here at Marathon, we hear many customer stories where the decision to move to Office 365 is often taken before consulting the people involved in managing it. Despite it being a good solution overall, are your customers getting a bad deal from a Microsoft-only solution, or are they missing out on critical data protection and compliance capabilities?

Cyber Essentials doesn't have to be scary

Scary Cyber Essentials…not!

The IT industry has a general tendency to market Security solutions on the negative risk of not taking action. We don’t want to underplay the potentially devastating impact of a breach, but it’s not always a case of ignorance, on the part of the customer, when Security isn’t the first priority.

Helping customers to get certified is only the start of your journey together. Of course, it generates services revenue, but what impact does the Cyber Essentials scheme have on their business, and your margin, in the long run…?

Helping Charities with IT security gap

Bridging the Charity Sector Security Gap

How do we protect our charity customers from fraud and cyber crime?  Like any other sector, charities are not immune to criminal abuse from fraudsters. Fraud poses a serious risk to valuable funds and sensitive data. It can damage the good reputation of charities, affecting public trust and confidence in the sector as a whole.

Are Charities paying the price for weak Security?

Personal data...the elephant in the meeting room

Like it or loathe it, these new regulations have certainly moved many customers to invest in data compliancy, in varying degrees.  When a company like Google hits the headlines with a massive fine for non-compliance, many customers will naturally ask themselves if they are on track, safe or still legal… has the elephant in the room got a seat at the table?